Hunting FAQ



Do you give veterans discounts?

Yes, 5%

Do you have sheds for sale?

Yes, most are sold on Facebook Live and pricing varies by size and availability.

What weapons can I use?

Any weapon of your choice

How big is your ranch?

800 acres

How long is your season?

Whitetail Velvet – Aug 10 – Sep 9

Whitetail Hard Antler – Sep 10 – Dec 1

Elk Velvet – July 15 – Aug14

Elk Hard Antler – Aug 15 – March 1

Can I keep the meat?

Yes, guides will skin and debone your animal.  Please bring your own cooler to store the meat.  We cannot guarantee storage.

Can I bring my guests to the stand?

Yes, one guest may join you in the stand

Do you offer group discounts?

Yes, 5% off on groups of 4 hunters or more

Do you charge extra for non hunting guests?

One non-hunting guest stays free

Where are you located

305 Palo Pinto Lane, Vienna IL, 62995

Am I guaranteed to kill an animal?

Yes, guided hunts are no kill no pay

Are there any hidden fees?

Absolutely no hidden fees!

Can I hunt for sheds out there?

No, but we do offer sheds for sale

Are the animals in pens or free range?

We have 800 acres and they run free inside the high fence.

Largest Elk In The World Samsons Mountain Whitetail Deer

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